In every teaching programme, we combine the company’s goals with the student's personal and educational goals in order to complete the course effectively. Each activity is designed in line with the set goals and resources. Students who are not complete beginners are assessed through a placement test, and their progress is monitored mid-way through and at the end of the course. After completing the course, the personal and group profile will act as a guide for future studies.


The structure of a business course is set out according to the targets, number of participants, time available and budget. We can satisfy short, medium and long-term projects; setting out general or specialised educational programmes – Business English, Law and Commerce, Logistics – working on vocabulary and providing new communication tools for the various sectors. Some examples include marketing, medicine, security, and tourism.
We can also combine our business courses with group and individual study courses abroad with apartment accommodation.


Each company is a world unto itself. Our task is to provide language consultancy that enables you to optimise times, objectives, and costs for training human resources, while overcoming logistical problems and monitoring results both during and after the course.
Computerised and printed tests are given with internationally recognised certificates for English, French, German and Spanish.

Courses tailored to suit the needs of the individual or group are established based on an assessment of the training needs
within the specific professional context.

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